Clones Hybrid | Blue Dream

Clones Hybrid | Blue Dream

  • $ 1400

Blue Dream is a hybrid strain of cannabis. It is a cross between Blueberry and Haze strains and was bred to combine the body high of an indica and the cerebral effects of a sativa, with more genetic dominance of sativa. Blue Dream is very hardy and vigorous in all conditions, has a very incense-like aroma with a musky, sweet flavor. This is well known, solid genetic. The effects are very uplifting, with a cerebral high. A thinking cannabis with an alert, positive high. Blue Dream comes in at about 20% THC.

 Eco+Envy Clones are known for:

Clean Genetics

Fast initial growth

Ideal air/water balance

Fully developed root structures

Absence of mildew, mold and pests

An Unconditional 7 Day Clone Replacement Warranty.

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