Tissue Cultured Clones - Special Order Only.

Eco + Envy is the only cloning facility in California to offer Tissue Cultured clones to our commercial growers.

Why cannabis tissue culturing beats cloning

Growers have been producing clones from clones for decades now, which has led to significant genetic drift. Genetic drift does not occur in tissue culturing, which is what makes it a superior method for plant reproduction.

In the legal cannabis industry today it seems everyone uses cuttings. If you were to lose the mother plant and couldn’t source another clone, you would have to buy more seeds, plant them, and out of the females pick the best one. Hopefully (though unlikely) you would find one that was close enough to the original to create a new mother plant from.

Tissue culture is the future of the commercial cannabis industry because it is a duplication of the mother plant’s tissue by in-vitro method. The duplication of tissue and plant DNA is performed in a laboratory environment in a Petri dish and produces a truer copy than cloning does.

The benefits of tissue culturing include:

Protection from genetic drift.
Multiply genetics rapidly at a low cost.
Removal of unwanted contaminants, such as molds and viruses, within the commercial cannabis plant
Grow higher quality cannabis plants with less water and light

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