Our Mission is one of both Commerce and Social Responsibility.

According to the CDC more than 480,000 men and women die every year from smoking cigarettes in the US alone – and while there are no reliable statistics on Cannabis smoking related deaths – logic would dictate that there are people dying every day from smoking (the combustion) of Cannabis products as well.

At Eco+Envy our mission is multi-fold. One is to provide thinking, adult voters, cigarette smokers, non smokers and medicinal and recreational Cannabis users a socially acceptable alternative to the combustion-based delivery of Nicotine in cigarettes – and the THC and CBD's in Cannabis products – this is our funding/financial model – which is no different than the way that Starbucks delivers caffeine and Distillers market alcohol.

The second, and equally important, is to provide 'open source' statistically relevant research to accredited Universities, NGOs, Politicians, and Regulating Agencies, on both the short and long-term health effects of vaporizing vs. combustion, as well as the individual efficacy of oral and transdermal delivery of Nicotine, THC and CBD's delivery vs. vaporizing.

Whether you are a non-smoker, smoker, eCig user, recreational or medicinal Cannabis user, or just a Citizen who is concerned about over zealous governmental regulations – these issues affect all of us in multiple ways and we encourage you to take a minute to share your opinions and experiences regarding this emerging (and very encouraging science) with your elected representatives.

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